Artist Adam Brown recently talked to NPR about his current artistic endeavor: what is the connection between sight and sound? Can you hear a photo? Can you see a sound? 

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Adam Brown, an artist, recently talked to NPR about the connection between image and sound. Could the two be related, just like smell and taste? To figure out this connection, he took a digital photo and turned it in to audio waves. He then etched them on to a vinyl record and played it back. He uses a projector to play the image back along with the audio. He calls this project “Concentrism”.

Brown wanted to look at how the message changed along with the medium. A message needs a medium to last—does changing the medium alter how it is perceived? He “plays” his works for audiences, so they can watch and hear the image. The sounds that go along with the image are generally the processing of the data, so it’s a “low bass rumble” or a white noise type of deal.

Brown told NPR that he’s not trying to solve any problems; he’s just simply exploring questions.