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Going Above and Beyond

A few teachers and staff at an elementary school in Kansas are doing something not included in their job description to help their students feel safe, loved, and joyful.

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A Magical Surprise

Kathryn has been working at a café at Elon University for over 10 years. She always chats with students, and has become a beloved figure on campus.

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A Piano and a Dream

Dotan quit his job when he was still a teenager, with a desire to travel the world and spread joy his musical talent.

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A Touching Reunion

Hurricane Katrina was a horrific and tragic event, but when we try to see the good, we think of the reunion of two incredible individuals.

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A Sweet Solution

Making someone smile is easier than you may think. What have you done recently to help someone smile?

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Books For One, Books For All

There’s nothing like a good book. Books can teach, stretch your imagination, and provide a fun, creative outlet.

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Dancing for Good

In elementary school, it can be hard for children to arrive each day feeling motivated and joyful. One assistant principal, however, is helping children wake up and smile to start their day.

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From Cans to School Supplies

A lot of schools started this school year without supplies, afterschool programs, and other things that make school engaging for students. Thanks to 6-year-old Julian, one school will need a bit less financial help.


Dear Younger Self

In this video, people ranging from age 7 to 93 give advice to someone who is only a year younger than them. Their answers inspire us.