New Jersey | Works Tirelessly Hard



My son is 17, he has always lived a life of compassion for others. When he was four he wanted to buy a person an ice cream who was working washing windows in an ice cream store because he said he looked sad and needed an ice cream. When he was six he painted pictures and had an art show for his grandparents to raise money for Make-a-Wish, he helps take care of his 90 year old grandparents. He volunteers at the United Way each year and is going on a mission trip in July. He also works tirelessly hard. He gets up at 5 a.m. to caddy in the spring and summer. He just recently saved enough money to buy his first car. He wouldn’t tell anyone about it because he said they’d think he was ‘bragging.’ He is humble, hard working, often studying late in to the night to keep his grades up–yet he never complains. He is a quiet reserved hero. He inspires me to do my best every day, stay true to yourself, work hard, care for others, have integrity and loyalty. In this day and age of ‘bullying’ it is a breath of fresh air for such a role model as my son Nick to contribute to this world 🙂


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