Massachusetts | Today, I’m Brave



All my children amaze me everyday but my son Rosdom Kaligian astounds me. He has autism but that pales in comparison to his severe dyslexia. He does not let specialist tell him what he can or can not do – he is a junior now and with technology and accommodations, he is an honor student and taking higher level classes and excelling. To help parents and others with dyslexia, he did a PSA for the “Today, I’m Brave” campaign and used that platform recently to advocate at the MA state house for dyslexia legislation. He started an Anime/Manga club at his high school and his advisor says he “single-handedly created a community where students can come together and socialize, and share their common interests in areas of pop culture, art, and gaming.” He loves golf and tried to make the team and did not and yet plugs away every weekend practicing not discouraged and bound and determined to make the team his senior year. I could go on but this is just a taste of this kid. – Barbara



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