Connecticut | “Believe” Became Her Motto



The inspiration in my life comes from my daughter, Sarah. At the age of 8, Sarah was diagnosed with severe idiopathic aplastic anemia. Her only hope for a cure was a bone marrow transplant. We were lucky when it was discovered that her dad, my husband was a perfect match. Through all of her ups and downs, Sarah never stopped believing in herself or her dedicated team. “Believe” became her motto and this motto has followed her throughout her life. I am happy to say that almost 24 years later, this young woman has inspired so many including myself in my battle with uterine cancer 3 years ago. She was always with me to cheer me on when the shock of my diagnosis sunk in. And she never let me doubt that things would be ok. Sarah is a remarkable women and a hero and inspiration to so many.

– Trish




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