Wisconsin | Understand Their Own Worth



I teach my high school students to love their community and to give back to it. They all possess a special talent that makes them a treasure for our community. Last year, my FBLA students donated over 1100 hours of time to their tiny town. They work with the chamber of commerce to promote the great in our community, created a campaign to let tourists know our town is dog friendly via facebook, they organize the football players to read books to elementary students, volunteer at nursing homes, at the humane society, organize blood drives, book drives, food drives,  opportunity fairs (career and college opportunities) and marketing campaigns to get middle school students involved in positive activities like clubs and sports to keep them focused on the good things in school… all done by my students. etc.

My favorite is our ‘family night out’ where my students created a fun family night in the middle of winter  at our school for families to overcome cabin fever… to enjoy the pool, a gym full of games and bounce houses, a climbing wall, coloring and a cartoons. I grow the good in my community by fostering community pride and an attitude of service in my students for their home town.  Doing good for others makes my students understand their own worth and how GREAT they really are. My heart swells with pride with the good work my students do outside of the classroom.




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