Wisconsin | A Living Example of Hope


My friend Sara us in her FIFTH battle with cancer. She is 55 years old and began thus journey when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. Sara was a single mom of a boy with special needs, but kept moving forward — always with a positive attitude. Today, her son is 21, but still requires a lot of her time and focus due to Asperger’s. Sara is currently on a lifetime regimen of chemo as the cancer has spread to her bones, skull and other locations. She continues to work full-time and take care of her home and family without complaint. She is always concerned about how other people are doing, even though their struggles pale in comparison to hers. Knowing Sara reminds me every day that thinking positive and being a beacon of hope to others is a choice all of us have. We can choose to be bitter, or to help others be better. Sara has definitely chosen the latter. She is such an inspiration to everyone around her, a living example of HOPE.




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