101 Ways to Love the Earth

goodvibestopIMG_4330What can you say about this place we call home? While we may get caught up in our day to day lives, driving down that same street, consumed with all the important tasks (aka life) we all need to attend to, we might forget there is the beautiful world around us. A world, a planet, our earth, that we might take for granted. Love is one of our favorite superpowers because of how far it seems to reach. This love should not end at your doorstep, it includes this land we call home.

  1. Appreciate it!  The first step to having people take care of the earth is to stop, smell the flowers, and appreciate the beautiful bounty that the earth has given us.

  2. Literally hug a tree.

  3. Walk barefoot, you and the earth need to reconnect once in a while.

  4. Plant a tree in a public space, watch it grow from afar.mens-keep-america-green-cool-tee_47954_2_lg

  5. Take a dip in the ocean.

  6. Dump your coffee grounds onto your plants.

  7. Challenge yourself to a no-trash week!

  8. Grow your own herbs – you’ll find plenty of reasons to use them, trust us!

  9. Hang a clothesline to dry your garments using the “latest” in solar technology.

  10. Throw ice cubes, kosher salt and lemon peels into your garbage disposal and turn it on. Voila! An eco friendly refresher for a smelly kitchen.

  11. Open your windows on a breezy day – even if it’s a few degrees too cold or too warm, love the fresh air in whatever form it comes.

  12. Create art, furniture, storage containers etc. with old wine bottles (seen here)

  13. Turn off the lights when you’re not using them – you’ll be surprised how much a ‘room check’ can save.

  14. Plant a fruit-bearing tree – you’ll get free produce!

  15. Upcycle your old tee shirt into a cool shopping bag – it’s pretty easy!

  16. Organize your friends/family for a beach clean up together – bonding!

  17. Go on a nature scavenger hunt with your kids.

  18. Meditate outside – even just closing your eyes and seeing what you notice helps develop thoughtfulness for the planet.womens-optimistic-by-nature-stripes-crusher-vee_48209_2_lg

  19. Toast to Earth Day with organic wine or beer. Make sure the glass is always half full.

  20. Keep a bucket in your shower – while the water is getting to the right temperature, you’re collecting water to wash your face or brush your teeth later.

  21. Visit a national park – take inspiration from preservation.womens-star-struck-breezy-tee_47556_2_lg

  22. Have an outdoor movie night…personal favorite Watch Wall-E  or FernGully <3

  23. Ride the rails old school style, rather than a long car ride. You can enjoy the scenery or binge on your favorite Netflix show.

  24. Patch your clothes – repair your favorite gear instead of tossing it.

  25. Engage your superpowers and show gratitude by planting a seed card that says “Thank you”

  26. Mix baking soda & water for a non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner

  27. Take a trash bag with you on dog walks to collect any roadside litter you pass.

  28. Drop a brick in your toilet tank to create a low-flush toilet

  29. Be kind to yourself, and it will encourage kindness to others & the world.

  30. Take public transit – it sounds so simple, but are you driving when you don’t really have to?

  31. Start a compost pile! You can do it from an apartment or out in the yard and be amazed how much less trash you have to take out every week. Doubles as fuel for your garden or future Delorean.

  32. Care for the earth’s creatures – adopt a pet!womens-positive-altitude-hike-vista-crusher-tee_48105_2_lg

  33. Flower crowns, anyone?

  34. Refresh your wardrobe by trading with a friend – an energy free switcheroo!

  35. Take an old tee shirt and fill it with stuffing, then sew it up on the sides – a funky pillow full of memories.

  36. Walk somewhere you usually drive to. Just because.

  37. Do an electronics recycling run! Collect old computer parts from your neighbors and bring them to a facility near you.

  38. Challenge yourself to eat 100% organic for a day – think you could keep it up?

  39. Make Grass Angels (not suitable for people with allergies :))

  40. Use cold water when washing your clothes. Just throw it all together. (Sorry, mom.)

  41. Picnic with compostable goodies. (catch anything that blows away)

  42. Forget the treadmill. Save energy by taking your exercise routine outdoors. Many paths have fun stops for pull up, push ups and more to add in some circuit training.

  43. Ease off of paper napkins during meals (unless it’s Sloppy Joe night)

  44. Put the phone down and look up. How good is the world today?mens-keep-ocean-blue-cool-tee_47955_2_lg

  45. Buy good stuff.  Support business who make caring for the planet a priority.

  46. Bring your own mug to the coffee shop – these have a very long lifespan.

  47. Repair your leaky faucet – it’s been driving you nuts anyway!

  48. Rescue Spiders.  If you have a spider in your house, don’t kill it.  Capture it and put it out in your garden where it belongs

  49. Put less junk in your trunk – having too much cargo reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

  50. Carry your own water bottle – Americans used 50 billion plastic water bottles last year, and we can definitely do better.

  51. Set up your home or office printer to use both sides of the page.

  52. Or even better, take electronic notes when you can and use no paper at all.

  53. Donate your old running shoes. They magically get turned into playground equipment and more.

  54. Take the stairs. Bonus, I think that means you’ve worked out today.

  55. Out with the old and in with the new. Replace old light bulbs with highly efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  56. Put things where they belong.  In other words, don’t littler and – if you’re feeling extra motivated – pickup someone else trash and put it where it belongs.

  57. Have co-workers that live near by? Start a car pool! Save money, gas, and wave to all the people stuck in traffic from the carpool lane. (we prefer the Queen wave)

  58. Check out your nearest farmers market – meet the people who grow your food and let them meet you too!

  59. Get the latest and greatest cell phone? Make sure you recycle or donate your old phones. 

  60. Put the kabash on junk mail – you can sign up to opt out of those credit card offers you didn’t ask for.

  61. Don’t feel like walking? Two wheels is the way to go. Bikes paths are growing and it’s being becoming easier and safer to ride to work, or anywhere else you need to go. Don’t forget your helmet!mens-easy-perfect-good-mountains-cool-tee_47744_2_lg

  62. Digital age means that some timeless things might need to say their goodbyes. What are you using that telephone book for anyways? A booster seat? Call your local telephone provider and tell them thanks, but no thanks.

  63. Save the bees! Plan bee friendly flowers or herbs. Keep bee habitats and pollination growing.

  64. Buy local, raw honey from an organic farmer.

  65. Been avoiding the low tire pressure signal on your car? Fill em up! You’d be surprised how much your mpg will increase (aka save energy and gas)

  66. Become a home chef! Preparing food from scratch saves a lot of money, uses far fewer resources and is often a much healthier option.

  67. Borrow instead of buying – how often are you really going to use that 10 foot ladder anyway? Get neighborly and share.

  68. Have a party in the winter! The more people you have in your place, the less heat you’ll need to pump out. Better yet, make it a dance party.

  69. Ducks get stuck! Snip each ring of your six-pack plastic drink holder before throwing them out.

  70. Unplug. Literally. Going away for a long weekend or vacation. No need to run certain electronics while you’re gone. Simply unplug and return to a lower electric bill too!

  71. Don’t take a shower on the days you don’t go out. You look beautiful the way you are binging the new season of Kimmy Schimdt. Hashbrown Netflixandsidepony

  72. Love for our planet means love for it’s people. Strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street and learn something new about them.Womens-Love-Each-Other-Brush-Stroke-Newbury-Scoop_45569_2_lg copy

  73. Use recyclable bags where ever you shop! There are so many fun and unique ones out there to show your personality vs a lame plastic bag.

  74. Let the light in. Keep your blinds open longer to let natural light in, rather than turning on lamps or lights.

  75. Pass the earth loving to the next generation. Educate your children or kids you know about ways they can be environmental friendly from day one.

  76. Can’t drop the burgers all the time? Have a meatless Monday to save on beef consumption.

  77. Skip the lines, bring your own lunch in cute reusable lunch containers and lunch bags.

  78. Even electronics need a rest. It might be great to have your computer ready to go at a moments notice, but save some energy at the end of every day and power down.

  79. Organize a weekend hike with your friends. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors, try something new, and remember than time that bird pooped on Brandon’s head and he didn’t notice for an hour. Memories galore!

  80. DIY rain catcher! Save water for watering plants and your lawn when it gets too dry.

  81. It’s Spring! Take a long walk into the woods, off the trail, and notice all the little buds and leaves that are just sprouting. Really look at them and appreciate the fact that they have been dormant all through winter enduring extreme temperatures and layers of ice/snow.  When they uncurl and peek out revealing the fresh green life, it always amazes.Womens-Engraved-Happy-Trails-Boots-Crusher-Vee_45043_2_lg copy

  82. Don’t have your own little plot of land to grow fresh produce? Join a CSA (community supported agriculture) with a friend or co-worker. Everyone will be jealous of your fresh looking salads and produce.

  83. Take it to the river, lake, stream or ocean. Rent or bring a kayak. Enjoy the world from a different vantage point.Mens-Just-Add-Water-Cool-Tee_45415_2_lg copy

  84. The great shower race. Conserve water by seeing who in your house can take the fastest shower (still cleaning behind your ears!).

  85. Go bagless in the grocery store, too! why do you need a 1000 mini bags? Mingle your apples, oranges and potatoes together folks.

  86. You can make a bird feeder out of basically anything. Toilet paper rolls, cans, pinecones, you name it. Bonus points (life points of course) for using recycled material.

  87. Go for a run without your headphones. Listen to the sound of our own heartbeat, your feet on the earth, and the sounds of the nature around you.

  88. Don’t scrap it, regrow plants! Did you know that keeping the stems on thing like onions, lettuce, potatoes and more they magically regrow in water or a little soil? 

  89. Draw the earth. Use recycled paper or photography to capture signs of spring or things you love about nature, you will appreciate the planet more.

  90. This planet is a big place. Take the time to learn about a culture that is different than yours or learn a new language. It’s almost like opening a door to a whole new world.

  91. Hop on to electric avenue. Looking for a new car? Keep fuel efficient or electric at the top of your list.Mens-Watercolor-Old-School-Truck-Crusher-Tee_45064_2_lg copy

  92. Spruce up your home with rugs or carpets in the winter to save energy.

  93. Say goodbye mircobeads early! The US Gov just passed legislation for these tiny water contaminates to be soon removed from shelves. Start now and help waterways.

  94. Ice cream cone? Yes, please. Save the waste of a cup and just eat the whole thing. You deserve it anyways.

  95. Take your yoga class outside! (consider an even patch of earth) Enjoy the centeredness you achieve by moving through nature.

  96. Get some inspiration for the greats like Thoreau and Muir, read what they have to say and then head on a nature walk. A new appreciation will arise.

  97. Have a candlelight night – pick one night a month (or however often you feel inspired) to decide when the sun goes down the candles light up – play a game of cards, enjoy a cup of warmth, settle in with a good book, or just listen to the night…chill out and give you and our electric connection a break.

  98. Turn your empty cans and glass jars into uplifting gifts:  fill with soil and pant a micro-garden to pass off to a friend. It’s sort of like spreading happy memories around the earth…Womens-Watercolor-Good-Day-Mason-Crusher-Vee_45223_2_lg copy

  99. Make a memory with your earth day project or garden. Plant flowers your mother or grandmother used to love, or do activities you learned in school with your own kids.

  100. Make every day Earth Day. It’s great to have a yearly reminder, but there are small things we can do everyday to show our planet some love.

  101. Spread good vibes and don’t take this planet we call home for granted.

Make today, and every day Earth Day

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