Washington | Survived a Horrific Car Accident


FB_IMG_1439347019435The person who inspires mean is my son Ryan.  On December 27th, 2009 he was severely injured as a passenger in a car accident. He suffered traumatic brain injuries and is quadriplegia. Ryan had to relearn how to live again with his new injuries, he had to learn how to open his mouth, speak and eat, and use a wheelchair to get around. It took him 8 months before he could speak again. Through all of his rehab he has never became angry or bitter over his situation. He is always positive and laughs often.. He is always positive and has gone on to graduate high school, college and he speaks to thousands of youth and adults  at Victim panels, high schools and special events to help prevent DUI accidents from happening to others. He volunteers locally in his community and is a huge inspiration to many. He will always be my biggest hero.


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