An Unwavering Will to Live Life to Its Fullest

My grandmother, Mamanjoon is my hero of optimism.


My grandmother, Mamanjoon is my hero of optimism. She has an unwavering will to live life to its fullest. Despite not having access to formal education beyond grade school, her love of learning has kept her active and creative over the years. After taking a sewing apprenticeship, she used to sew all the clothes for her 8 children.  After fleeing her home Iran in 1979 during the revolution, she rebuilt her life with her children in Boston where she taught herself English. She loves cooking and is hands down the greatest chef I know. With recent health complications, she has lost much of her mobility but she is still the head chef. With just a smell from one room over, she knows if something is missing a spice. Unwilling to sit idle, she has taken up knitting and mastered that as well. She is often knitting blankets, hats, and baby items and donating them to local clothing drives. No matter how much her physical ability is challenged, she will always be the strongest person I know because her strength comes from deep within. I hope to one day learn to live with such strength. That is why my grandma is my Hero of Optimism.

Written by David Radparvar, Co-founder of Holstee.

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