Louisiana | Trombone Shorty Preparing Young Musicians

Preparing Young Musicians for Success in Music and in Life.


We are grateful to have had the opportunity to head back to Warren Easton Charter High School with Alumnus Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and The Trombone Shorty Foundation. It was an honor to add a little more music, with some help from the New Breed Brass Band to this amazing school in New Orleans.

The mission of the Trombone Shorty Foundation is to perpetuate the musical heritage of New Orleans through music education, instruction, mentorship and performance to prepare young, underserved musicians for success in music and in life.

The Foundation established The Trombone Shorty Music Academy in 2013 and added a new program, The Fredman Music Business Institute, in 2014, both partnerships with Tulane University. The programs offer quality music performance and music business education to motivated high school students by nurturing their talent and allowing them to prepare for a career in music.

Learn more about The Trombone Shorty Foundation and how you can get and involved. 


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