To Mom, with love

Tributes to the Life is Good moms who inspire us

This Mother’s Day, we asked a few people around the office to tell us why they’re grateful for Mom — the one we’ll never be able to thank enough for all her sleepless nights, advice, and unconditional love. And you know she loved us through some terrible haircuts.

“My mom immigrated here with my aunt from the Azores when she was just six years old and couldn’t speak a word of English. She raised me to love reading and telling stories, so much so that I made storytelling my career. How lucky I was to discover what I love most from the person I love most. Thanks, Mom ❤️.”

-Bethany Sales, Senior Copywriter

“My mother has dedicated her life to early childhood education. When I was younger, it was tough to share her with so many other kids, but it taught me so much about compassion and kindness. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader and we are the best of friends. In addition to her selflessness in helping anyone in need, she can fold a fitted sheet like a boss and makes the best mac and cheese in the world!”

-Stacey Shepard, Senior Project Manager

“My mom has done a lot of amazing things for me, including letting her only child follow her dreams and leave home to dance with NY City Ballet at age 12. She is a three-time cancer survivor, yet still the most fun and positive person I’ve ever known.”

-Tasha Hamilton, Executive Assistant

“She’s an amazing mother, grandmother, sister, wife, and friend!  She came to this country from Ireland with a dream to have a new experience. Then she met my father, had five kids, became a nurse… and amazes us every day with her kindness and nurturing ways. She is amazing, the most selfless person we know, constantly giving to those in need. We love her so much and want to thank her for all she is and all she does!”

-Michelle Deane, PLM Manager

“Mom — For as a long as I can remember, you’ve been there for me. Believing in me, encouraging me, supporting me…. When I was little, you would blast the Helen Reddy song “I Am Woman” in the car and we would sing at the top of our lungs even though our collective voices left something to be desired.  Looking back, the lyrics were about courage, resilience and believing in yourself. You reinforced those lyrics by always telling me that I could do and be anything that I wanted. You were that wisest person I knew, so I believed you. You encouraged me to try new things, let me fail, and always (always!) made your family your top priority. Thank you for standing by my side. I am forever grateful for you and your wisdom.”

-Lisa Tanzer, President

“Being a ‘mother’ is so much more about a mindset than a biological relationship. My stepmom has struggled with the heartbreak of not being able to have kids of her own, but her loving nature, compassion, and warmth has served a ‘motherly’ role in my life more than she will ever know. To all the stepmoms, foster parents, teachers, and other women who step up to the challenge of motherhood without the biological requirement — thank you, we love you.”

“My mom is the most generous, kind woman I know, with an inner strength that never ceases to amaze me. She taught me that life isn’t always easy, life isn’t always perfect, but that life is definitely good! She worked tirelessly to ensure that all five of her kids were given opportunities she didn’t have. In addition to teaching me the fine art of shopping, my mom taught me to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and that I can do anything I put my mind to! Thanks, Mom.”

-Karen Lyon, VP of Marketing