This or That


If you’ve ever attended a Life is Good Kids Foundation Playmaker retreat, or heard from our Founder, Steve Gross, you likely know about our Four Domains of Play:

Joyfulness (what you do to build and sustain your joy)

Social Connection (who makes your life richer and when do you see them)

Internal Control (how do you keep yourself strong and balanced)

Active Engagement (what do you do to nurture your own creativity)

Building (and sticking with) a plan that boosts each of these domains to help foster your own practice of optimism can sometimes feel overwhelming – or worse – trivial.

Pressure is real. Time is short. We’re all very busy…especially at work.

But, remember simplicity is a superpower and growing the good starts with you.

So, with March being National Optimism month, we wanted to send you a simple tool that can help invite a bit more joy, connection and engagement:

Here’s a download of our game This or That.

Consider using it to kick-off your next department meeting, or to actually get to know the person who works next to you, or if getting the conversation going around the dinner table has felt more like work lately – well, the game works there, too.

Make it your own and tell us know how it goes.

With Gratitude,
The Life is Good Kids Foundation