Anna King's story about love and life after a heart transplant. 

I was just 12 years old when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of heart disease and put on the heart transplant list. At the age of 14, I received a life-saving heart transplant. All because of the love of a donor.

So this Valentine’s Day, six months after my transplant, I will be thinking about the meaning of a heart.

A heart represents the love that you spread into the world and the love you receive back.

Love is the most generous gift that you can give to someone; it is the greatest one to receive. When I received my heart transplant after waiting for 832 days, I felt an unimaginable amount of love all around me. Without the love of a donor, I would not be experiencing life the way that I am today. You can give the gift of life, love, and hope back to a person and their family. All it takes is to become an organ donor.

I am back to doing all of the things that matter most to me. So this Valentine’s Day (and all the time), I hope you hold everyone that you love close and remember what this month is really all about.

Spread the love.

– Anna

For more information about how to become and organ donor, click here.
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