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Batman @ Cooks

Giving back to the community through combined efforts with law enforcement is something that is extremely important to me and the people I work with. We seek to make a positive difference in this world through as many opportunities as we can. We reach out to countless numbers of children and touch their lives, either by helping them see police officers as friends they can count on, or by being real-life super heroes that give them hope during dark times.


We are blessed to have a real-life super hero here at the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas- Damon Cole. In his off time he travels the country on his own time and money dressing up as different superheroes to see children with cancer and other illnesses. He also attends community events and school events to build stronger relationships between the department and the public. He dresses up as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Baymax (from Big Hero 6) and Optimus Prime. He travels the country in a custom 2012 Superman Dodge Charger that he designed. All costumes are movie quality so as to have the biggest impact on children that he can (plus children have no shame in calling you out if you do not look the part!). He loves working with the community and has a deeply rooted, genuine passion for making children happy.


There is no fee, no gimmick, no agenda. We would just like to impact as many people as possible, and be a positive change in the world, especially in the life of children who need it.


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