Texas | He Changed My Life


Since I was a little girl I felt like I couldn’t find my place and in a very young age I started thinking about killing myself. I kept it in secret, nobody knew it, and when somebody smelt like something was happening, they let it be. My marks were going lower and all my high school teachers knew that something was wrong, but did nothing about, until I almost failed my favorite subject. That happened when I was sure about suicide, and it all would’ve happen the next day, but the teacher of that subject came to me and started talking. He said that he knew something was wrong with me but didn’t know what, so he told me that I was in a difficult age, and when you’re a teenager everything feels like the end of the world but it’s nothing. He sat by my side and said that he didn’t know me very well but he knew I was an amazing person, and I couldn’t let the bad things tear me down because nothing is the end of the world and I was too young to get worried about my future, he hugged me and left.

A year later I wrote him a letter telling him how much he changed my life and how he saved me from suicide, he took me out of class to ask me for the details and cried when I started crying. He told me that every time I had a problem, even if it was the most random thing, I could count on him, and I did and I’m happy now and totally out of depression.




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