Texas | Attitude About Life is Joyous


Jennifer has spent her life living in a positive manner. She always looks at the positive side of every situation. Even teaching her children is done in a positive way.  Her attitude about life is joyous. She affects everyone. Recently, with the help of friends and a lot of positive input, Jen and Chris, her husband, are opening their dream business of baking  vegan “goodness” for the people of their town.   The positive life they live, flowers over into everything and everyone. All of the renovations and prep to open their bakery, is being done by good friends and family. Everyone involved is so influenced by their positive attitude, that they have committed to the opening of this business without hesitation. The pride I feel for Jennifer and Chris, and the way they live their lives, is indescribable.  She has given so much to the lives of family and friends to put a love of life and a “you can do anything you put your mind to, attitude to us all.  Her  positive  attitude has influenced people she sees  every day and everywhere.  The remarkable thing is, she doesn’t even know she does it, because it is the way she is.



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