twenty five years of optimism

on being the first LIG employee

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Meet Kerrie Gross, the Chief Unifying Optimist and Partner at Life is Good and its first ever employee. Kerrie met Bert and John in the early 90s in their apartment building in Newton, MA. After helping them for months, she joined the team full time and never looked back! Notice the custom graphic – one of her gifts for achieving 20 years of Optimism!


What is your favorite thing about working with Bert and John for over 20 years?

I met Bert and John in 1993 and I would have initially described Bert and John as truly embodying things like funny, creative, open, authentic, compassionate, courageous, loving and grateful before we ever put together a list of those Super Powers for LIG.  Those qualities are what initially drew me to them – and they continue to be all that and more.  They are the real deal.

What were you doing when you met Bert and John?

I was 22 and I was a Paralegal and still attending college.  I moved into the apartment upstairs from them, and I was super intrigued by what Bert and John had going on … it seemed like the beginning of something extremely special.  I started helping them at night and on weekends and soon thereafter they convinced me to quit my job and start working with them full-time (it didn’t take a lot of convincing actually).  I was soooo in.

How did your parents take the news that you were quitting school to work for the two guys that lived downstairs?

I think that they initially thought I was crazy to quit a well-paying secure job and work for 2 scraggly looking guys making peanuts.  But then they met Bert and John and saw how special and unique they are.  It was a love-fest.  They were soooo in also.

What is one of your favorite memories of starting out with Life is Good?

There was a very beautiful tree next to our apartment.  We had so many amazing conversations on a bench under that tree … talking about what the future of Life is good could be.  I have such great memories of that time.  We laughed so much.  

How about these days?

That bench and tree may be a thing of the past, but we are having lots of fun.  There are obviously a lot more people around, and we hire great people here.  I still love coming to the office every day.  Our mission is ‘to spread the power of optimism’.  That is a pretty cool thing to “get to” do every day.