sure signs you are an optimist

how full is your glass?

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Study the science of happiness and you’ll learn we humans are born with both optimistic and pessimistic genes. Unlike the color of your eyes, you get to choose which gene will win the battle for your DNA. Find out for sure what’s swimming in your gene pool. Does this sound like you?

1. you wake up happy just to be alive each day

2. to you, a sunset is a work of art and rain is an invitation to dance

3. you see possibility instead of the difficulty – the tiny ray of sun from behind the giant cloud

4. you would rather be fooled by a bad person than be suspicious of a good person (if you are a true optimist, you know what we mean)

5. you get the tell-tale eye roll when you offer your positive POV

6. even in the bad times, your attitude is full of gratitude – you choose to be grateful for what didn’t go wrong

7. you are always surprised when people have ulterior motives

8. when your facial muscles are relaxed you are still smiling.

9. the road-rage driver who just passed you is not an @*#%$, she’s just having a stressful morning

10. you find a lemon and immediately start looking for sugar and water.

True optimists don’t keep score. Just be aware that you “get to” choose.

Being an optimist is not the same as being naive – we know things go wrong in this world.  If you also feel the good, even in the bad times, you inspire others around you to feel that way, too.