my summer as an intern

he lived, he learned, he laughed...and he left us better for having known him

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My summer in Boston has been one to remember. I went kayaking, hiking, and to the beach. I went to stand-up comedy shows and to Midnight Shakespeare plays. Weekends took me from Back Bay to New Hampshire and Rhode Island, to Southie and Fenway.

When I first arrived at Life is Good, I didn’t have the same outlook that I do now. I was shy, I hardly knew my coworkers’ names, and I only spoke with a few people in the office. The community was open and welcoming, but I was not.

Thankfully that didn’t last long. Working in such an open, loving, and optimistic workplace brought me from glass half empty to glass half full.

The Life is Good office is home to many events that helped make those changes for me. I was able to be a part of Life is Art TWO, an art show and fundraiser made of all employee created work. There was also the night that Ryan Montbleau played an intimate show in our tavern.

By being fully immersed in the company culture and spending time with a great group of people, I came around to the optimistic and self-improving mindset that I now have.

If you had asked me 12 weeks ago, I would have said that the tee shirt slogans and focus on optimism was a load of bologna. But once I gave it a shot and let the philosophy of the company into my heart, it changed my life forever.