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the dogs of life is good

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There is this amazing moment when Cousin Utah is taken off his leash each morning. He sets off on a lightning-fast lap around the office to say his hellos before settling in at his owner’s desk. Utah is one of the more outgoing dogs in the Life is Good office. Stella, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is a good-natured girl who quietly follows her mom around the office. And then there is Bodie, who keeps the Customer Care team company but occasionally demands play breaks!

It’s quite the cast of canine characters at Life is Good. And as much love as they get from their humans, they give back so much more. Google it: having dogs around leads to decreased stress and increased productivity. It also encourages employees to get up from their desk for quick breaks and connects people who otherwise might not get to know each other.

Meet some of the dogs of Life is Good!