simple + fun = Namely


Meet Namely, the simple, fun way Life is Good optimists communicate with each other about the important stuff.
We are among a growing group of innovative small to midsize brands like Warby Parker, Motley Fool, Kayak, UpWork, and FirstRound who jumped at the chance to find a simpler, faster, easier way to do practically everything people related.

Staying connected is important to our culture and Namely makes it easy.
Namely is now our intranet, our news feed, our company calendar and the way we share our goals.

This amazing resource center is available 24/7 on any device and is home to the most updated version of Life is Good info, forms and docs.
Soon we’ll be able to share good vibes to be included in others’ performance reviews.

We recently had the chance to visit Namely HQ in NYC.

The Award winning team showed me around and shared all the new features we’ll see very soon.

We’re excited to be early adopters of this great solution.