Optimist of the Year!

optimist-of-the-yearOnce a year, we honor a special member of our team with the only award we give – The Optimist of the Year Award – to the person who most fully embodies our Superpowers

This year, we honored Noelina Nakiguli at our Spring 2017 Jake Jam. Our team cheered when they heard that “NoNo” was the winner.

She’s fun – her humor and laugh are infectious. You can see her smile and hear her amazing laugh all through the day.  She finds the fun in work and uses humor in problem-solving with ease.

She’s creative – her ability to plan and execute on unique events and opportunities is in direct result of how insanely creative and smart she is.

She’s courageous – she speaks her mind – and when she sees a problem, she’s always ready to call out the things that seem to counter our values and mission.

She values simplicity – she’s effective, efficient and is the master streamliner for people and departments. Her solutions are out-of-this-world, and often save money, time, and make others happy!

She’s compassionate – and she doesn’t pass judgement. She asks “how can I help?” and she means it.

She’s curious and open –  she wants to know more about the story, and seeks to understand even when it’s not easy.

She shows the love (and is totally loveable) – Noelina loves this community, her work, and her team. And this team loves her back!

Congratulations to someone who is a “Yes Yes” in every way.