Jake Jam!

the ultimate family reunion for a tribe of optimists

“Oh, and you’ll be speaking at Jake Jam”
It was one of many “raised eyebrows” moments in my interview with Life is Good founders Bert and John.
(hmmm… Jake is the GUY… the smiling dude on the shirts… is he real?)
A few weeks after I landed my dream job as Director of Optimistic People, I was in front of 160 people and a house band, telling my story and sharing my deeply held beliefs with a huge group of strangers who were soon to become my family. An hour later, I was competing in a big wheel race against the marketing manager from the eCommerce team, sampling the yummies from the circle of food trucks rolling in for the occasion, and watching my coworkers frolic with frisbees in one hand and Sam Adams in the other. This was Jake Jam.

It still defies description. I guess it’s enough to say that it’s where we learn, we laugh (mostly at ourselves) we love and we live. For a few short hours, twice a year, Life is Good has our family reunion and we all remember where we came from… the tribe of Jake.