Being a Boomerang


In the beginning 2016, I was 4 years into my career at Life is Good and leaving was never something that crossed my mind…. until June of that year, out of nowhere, an opportunity came my way that really seemed like a crossroads moment for me.

I had been in a couple different positions at Life is Good, both of which helped me grow as a young creative, but the opportunity that arose was one that had always been an interest of mine. It was a project manager role for a small, 12-person team in the advertising industry. Anyone who knows me, would say that being a project manager would be something I would flourish at, so I took the chance.

Although I was terrified, I left Life is Good and started the next chapter of my career. I’ll keep this part short and sweet, because I quickly, 3 months quickly, realized that this was not the place for me. I missed everything about Life is Good…. most importantly the mission.

It wasn’t until then, that I realized the mission, “To spread the power of optimism”, was what was so unique and special about Life is Good and I knew I was missing out. I found myself at yet another crossroads and I thought, I need to be back there. Then that saying “everything happens for a reason” could have not become more true. The day I decided to reach out to Life is Good, ended up being the same day they reached out to me. It was at this moment that I knew, Life is Good is where I’m supposed to be… this was supposed to be my path.

When I came back, I was welcomed with so much love and support, that I truly would have never felt as comfortable as I did without all of the wonderful people there. It’s amazing to know that I get to go to work with people I truly enjoy being with every day.

Now here I am, almost a year later after my return, and being a boomerang employee has been the best career move I’ve made so far.

With gratitude,