best of both worlds

country or city, we've got it Good!

We get to share the best of both worlds. In our country home in Hudson, NH, you’ll meet the energetic bunch who make sure our customers get the product they love, and who form a strong foundation for our city-dwelling half of the family. Boston, MA, is where you’ll find our design, product, eCommerce, marketing and creative siblings. We love our differences because they strengthen our common passion for spreading the power of optimism.

Both our homes are filled with talented, fun people and that’s where the similarities end!

The Commonwealth team
– Common green spaces in every direction
– Fort Point neighborhood known as “the innovation district”
– with a community Tavern for social interactions of the Beantown kind
– so many places to eat and drink you’ll be old before you try them all
– South Station is 3 blocks away from anywhere you need to go

Live Free or Die team
– tax FREE – no state or income tax
– Free parking
– Free gym in the office with occasional free fitness classes
– Free space – cafeteria you can dance in and vending area for lunch and breaks
– Free popcorn – the machine is always full

Of course both have the necessities of a healthy, fun workPLAYce
– Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!
– Wear your personality – we love unbridled self-expression (and love it when you wear Life is Good tees)
– Caffeine – lots of it

The luckiest among us spend time in both places and our family reunions are epic! Check out Jake Jam for more details.