What would you do to make your dream come true?

Optimism and determination paid off for our music-loving Optimist Michelle Deane at a recent U2 concert.

Read and watch to see her dream-come-true experience unfold. Unforgettable!

A dream came true for me in Boston Thursday 6/21/18 at the Boston Garden when Bono pulled me on stage to dance an Irish jig! I’ve been carrying a “WILL JIG FOR U2” sign to their shows for 10/15 years, and Thursday night I did!!  I’ve been their biggest fan since I was 6 years old when my older sister ran in from school shouting “THERE’S AN IRISH BAND ON TV!”

These were the days when MTV played music videos. Having parents from Ireland (Galway and Carlow) seeing an Irish band on TV was a VERY big deal. Friends often remind me of the times in middle school when I’d to write to U2 asking them to sing at my wedding and, in high school, I’d typed up lyrics to U2 songs so my friends and field hockey team could memorize them!!  My very first email address (and the only personal email address I still use) includes “U2…”.  I’ve seen U2 many many times, in many many places but this was a night to remember!

Watch Michelle’s big moment at 3:16! Click here: See Michelle live with Bono!

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