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an attitude of gratitude

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We all have things in our lives that we have to do. But what if we thought about them as things we get to do? It’s a little phrase with big meaning. Our co-founders, Bert and John, started using it after receiving inspirational letters from customers who were going through tough times but chose to focus on the good.

This one word switch can make a big difference in your attitude and outlook!


We asked around the office for some things that people get to do:

I have to go home and do dishes. I get to go home and do dishes, because I have a home…and dishes…plural!

I have to take the crowded train to work. I get to take the train to work because I have access to public transportation. And I get to spend some time alone to rest or read or reflect.

I have to go to the pharmacy for my son. I get to go to the pharmacy for medicine for my son…because I have access to medicine and I get to help him.


Try making a have to into a get to and see how it changes everything.

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