South Carolina | Why I Do What I Do




My Life is Good hero is my boss.  I am a physical education teacher in an elementary school and my principal is the one who gives me the greatest amount of support.  My principal and I always talk about optimism, being positive and thankfulness. I had a brain tumor removed a couple of years ago and since then I have had a total attitude change.  I had to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude throughout my illness and recovery.  This experience transformed my life and made me a better person and a better teacher.   My principal has been the one who encourages me, offers great feedback and is always willing to jump in and help. She is why I do what I do and I love her and my job.

I had this big event for our students one Saturday morning; I worked hard in preparing for the event.  After the event was over she said it was simple. I didn’t know how to take the word simple at the time.  I asked her about it and what she meant by saying it was simple; was that a compliment?  She said it was and that it doesn’t always have to be big and showy.  Sometimes the simple things are the best.  Now I agree with her, simplicity is how it needs to be, not big and showy.  I also have realized that is not all about me but about the students and what I do for them.

Me and JanI told her last week that she is why I do all the extra activities in our school.  She doesn’t force me to do anything, doesn’t require it and never ask me about what I’m doing.  It’s a feeling of wanting to do activities for the students and if I don’t do them I feel as though I’m slacking on her.  I never want to let her down or for her to be disappointed.  And we also have this thing going on where I hate recognition, really hate it.  What I do, I do for our kids; it’s not to make me feel good. She will start talking about things that I have done around others and she knows it drives me crazy.  I will slowly slink down in the chair and hide from her smiling face.  She gives me such great support that she will be shocked that I wrote this about our relationship and actually sent it out.  I have worked for other principals but she is one that understands me and knows how to talk to me.  I cherish that we can have conversations about school, life and family.

I wear a Life is Good t-shirt everyday to school, I have students who have started wearing their Life is Good t-shirts to physical education class.  I have my hero every morning when I arrive to school say Life is Good or Hello Sunshine to me.  I recently bought her a Life is Good Hello Sunshine t-shirt.  I said everybody needs at least one Lifeis Good shirt.  Jan keeps me optimistic, positive, simple and thankful.  I always tell her I do what I LOVE and LOVE what I do everyday.  She makes me smile, laugh, have fun, be thankful and know that simplicity is the way to make Life is Good everyday. She’s an inspiration and makes my job such a joy.  She greets all the students in the morning with a hug, smile, high five and conversation. Her love for our students makes me smile every morning when I pass her.  There’s never a negative moment, it’s all about our kids. Love her lots.




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