South Carolina | A Choice That Would Determine His Destiny



My 18 year old son inspires me to focus on the good. He has faced health challenges and subsequent learning challenges since he was 18 months old. I told him when he was in the fourth grade that he had a choice make that would determine his destiny. He went with it. I told him he’d have to work twice as hard as others to accomplish what some would do with no effort.


He has worked so hard and will be a senior this year. Looking to go to a good college and has had a job 2 years. He’s saved 70 percent of his earnings and has been generous, hopeful and kind. He’s made sacrifices and given his best to all areas of his life consistently; today he got a little discouraged and I was worried because it’s not like him. See the picture below for what he came home with (along with a huge grin) from work today. He truly is a hero of optimism in my book! Go Jackson! College will come and you will add something good to this world!



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