He Taught Me What It Meant to Live a Full Life

For Yogi Roth, his hero is his dad.

When asked who my hero of optimism is I started to laugh, as in each era of my life my ‘hero’ would often be defined as the athlete who was playing well. At first it was Charles Barkley when he was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, then it was Jerry Rice with the San Francisco 49ers and as time went on it would become a blend of people who offered inspiration.

While each decade provided a different muse for my motivation in life the constant has been my Dad. I didn’t know it at the time but he had the toughness that Barkley displayed in the paint when I was 11 years old. He lived with the work ethic of #80 that I attempted to re-create at 16 and of course, his constant desire to read and learn proved to be the model in which I would attempt to live by in my 20s.

At 34 years old I look back and still enjoy highlights from the Spectrum in Philly, epic plays made at the old Candlestick Park and of course, still get chills from random impactful YouTube speeches, but it is the impact that my Dad has had on our family and myself that has re-defined what a true ‘hero’ is.

A hero is someone whom we admire, seek to learn from and someone we can be honest with.

My hero is my Dad.

St James Cathedral copy

Three years ago my hero and I went for a walk. For two weeks we walked through Portugal and Spain along the Camino de Santiago and every day, we dove into each decade of his life and each night, I would feel my life changing.

In random hostels I would lie in bed staring at the ceiling and again I would laugh, as the definition of a ‘hero’ didn’t need to hit a jumper or spike a football, he just needed to be someone who taught me what it meant to life a full life, one full of love.

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