Indiana | The Reason I Live Every Day to My Fullest

Luke is truly someone in my life who inspires me to always focus on the good in life.


When I was in high school, there was a little boy in my moms preschool class that was diagnosed with leukemia. His name was Luke, and little did he know that he would change my life forever. I began babysitting for Luke, joined Team Luke and ran many 5ks, and soon joined Team in Training to begin fundraising for the leukemia and lymphoma society! Luke always wore a Life is Good to chemotherapy and had a smile on his face. He taught so many that no matter what you’re going through, someone else is always fighting a tougher battle. I am now a 3rd grade teacher and have a “Life is Good” themed classroom. Luke has come in to share his story and optimism. By the end of the year, my class was truly inspired by Luke and his optimism and bravery! I love the Life is Good theme in my classroom, as it reminds kids daily to always look on the bright side and think about how blessed we all are. Luke is the reason I live every day to my fullest and spread optimism everywhere I go! To get my class refocused, I say, “Life Is” and they respond happily, “Good”.


Luke is truly someone in my life and many others who inspires us to always focus on the good in life! Half of my class ended the school year with a Life is Good shirt because of Luke! – Emily W.

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