Playmaker Spotlight – Will Chapman


“Officer Chapman loves me.”

For William Chapman, School Resource Officer for Newtown, Connecticut, that’s the single most important message for him to convey to each and every child.
Officer Chapman is true to his title: he’s a resource. His presence at all of the schools and participation in the lives of the students is a critical part of building optimal environments for the children (and entire community) of Newtown to connect, engage, and explore.

Officer Chapman is also a Life is Good Playmaker.

“The best part about my job is connecting with the kids. It’s particularly fun at the elementary schools, when I go in, in full uniform and ask the kids what they think is my most important tool. They guess all the way around my belt, and then I give them the real answer: it’s my brain.”

With more than a decade of service of service and training under his belt (and shaping his mind), Officer Chapman is steadfast in his believe that you can solve any problem, if you just think about it. After thinking, should come acting – and that’s where Officer Chapman champions using his second most important tool:

“My voice.”

Officer Chapman uses his voice to help instill in every student that: “You matter and you are loved. Your brain matters. Your voice matters. And when it matters most, remember the most important parts of problem solving are always and already a part of you.”

Since engaging with The Life is Good Kids Foundation’s Playmaker Program, and becoming a partner in our movement to spread the power of optimism, Officer Chapman has found another strong, loving way to use his voice:

“The philosophy, the practices, even the language behind the Playmakers Program has helped me not just recognize, but name the lasting positive differences that others are making. When I see teachers going those extra miles, taking the time and putting in the energy to have everyone in their classes realize their potential, I have a name for that now.  I tell them: You’re a Playmaker, and there’s a whole team of us rooting you on.”


The Life is Good Kids Foundation is honored to be a part of this league of passionate supporters with Officer Chapman. To send him a note of gratitude for his service toward making life good for all kids please hit the “submit” button below.