Playmaker Spotlight – April

According to Norayma Cabot, she had her entire life figured out before she was even out of high school.

“When, I was a little girl I always played either teacher or doctor. I knew I wanted to work with kids – that I knew – everything I did was working toward being a pediatrician.”

Before the end of her senior year, Norayma had been accepted to the college of her choice and as long as she enrolled as a declared physics major, she would be able to attend on full scholarship.

But Norayma never went to that school or declared that major, because right after her high school graduation, she found out that she was pregnant.

Norayma’s personal story of becoming a Playmaker (a person who makes a lasting positive change at a pivotal time) for herself, for her daughter, and for an entire community of children and families, is a triumph that can remind all of us that while life is not easy, or perfect, it is still (and always) good.

Now, as the Executive Director of Plaza de la Raza Child Development Services (a deep impact partner of The Life is Good Kids Foundation), Norayma leads an organization that provides education and health resources to pregnant women and children up to five years-old in 26 centers all across Los Angeles County.

Watch the video above to view Norayma’s full story, and discover the many ways she’s growing to good for women and children in need.

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