Pennsylvania | Follow His Lead to a Better Place



My good friend Dave Poole. He is a high school Spanish teacher, but during the summer, he turns into a volunteer for the United Methodist church. He spends 4 weeks, at 4 different camps, either as a counselor, or Dean. He has done this for over 25 years!! I too volunteer at one of these camps. That’s how I came to know Dave. But I only gave one week of my time.

It was by Dave’s example that I came to realize that I needed to step that up, because I could. They need volunteer nurses and I was available. So, now I do 2 weeks as a nurse, one week as Dean of an elementary age camp, and one week as Dean of a photography camp. Without Dave’s example, I would still be sitting on the sidelines. He is the MOST energetic, over 60 year-old I’ve ever known. If we all followed his lead of sharing your time, all the time, the world would be a better place!




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