Optimism Breeds Optimism


810_578b1b0d30076-IMG_002125 years ago, at 26 years old I had the honor of caring for my dying father with the help of hospice. From that experience, I returned to school to complete my education and fulfill my dream of becoming a hospice social worker. It was at this time I met Nancy Hinds, founder of a hospice program in my community. Nancy, a nurse by profession started her journey as a nurse, working as a missionary in Africa and upon returning to the US recently widowed with three young sons she began providing hospice care in her own home. 35 years later the hospice she founded continues to serve our community. She is my hero of optimism because she has taught me to see the good and the potential in everyone. Nancy has been going into the prisons for years teaching the inmates how to be hospice volunteers and care for their fellow inmates as they die. She shows these inmates incredible love and compassion without any regard to the reason for their sentence. She sees their beauty and worth and wants to help ensure that they die with dignity. More than that, the self worth the inmates feel as they are able to provide living care to the dying is transforming. At a time in our world where the conflict and violence often teaches us to take sides and be skeptical of others, optimism can be difficult to find. We must remember that optimism breeds optimism, through love, compassion and trust. Nancy is the ultimate optimist as she sees all as worthy of love and compassion.

-Kathy C.

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