Oklahoma | Enjoy and Embrace the Craziness of It All



Josh, my hero, is 18 years old and is a senior at Jenks High School. He is smart, witty, kind, and thoughtful. He is most widely known for his great sense of humor (see below). It has carried over to everyone he meets. Life is already hard enough, why not enjoy and embrace the craziness of it all. Josh lives by example and takes joy in everything he does! A simple ride through the car wash, talking with a police officer, or eating a banana split makes his day. He is honest, loving, and caring. I think Josh is as close to what God intended us all to be. He lives with a sense of innocence and selflessness that reminds me and others to be a better person, parent and friend. Life isn’t perfect or easy. Life is Good. For my family, life is also beautifully chaotic. It’s our normal and I wouldn’t have it any other way! #AutismAwarness #GROWtheGood

Jenn and Josh LIG pic 1

Super proud mom to: Josh (18 years old and diagnosed with developmental delays and autism) and  Reagan (14 years old and diagnosed hormonal!)

In hindsight, I probably should have thought this activity through a wee bit longer. :/ See pic. Random thoughts from Josh during our elevator fun this morning. LOL.

1. Man steps in elevator…Josh: Whew…someone has DEFINITELY been smoking their narcotics this morning.

2. Me: Josh, do NOT touch the fire alarm button. You can get in serious trouble for that. Josh: Don’t worry, Mom. You know I have diplomatic immunity, right?

3. A group of people stepped in the elevator. Josh: Are you here to see a doctor or a therapist? Random people: Yes, we are. Josh:What kind of symptoms and issues are you having? Me: That’s a personal question, Josh. Josh: Do you think they will need a suppository of fleet enema?!! EWWWW!!!

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