Ohio | His Philanthropy to Veterans is Personal


Connor is the CEO of the ‘My GI Foundation.’ He started a military club as a freshman and now runs two large websites and his charitable foundation. It is rare to be chronicling a 15-16 year-old who has been awarded two Army citations signed by Army Chief of Staff, The Commander’s Public Service Award from the Air Force Chief of Staff, The Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award, The DOD Patriot Award, H.W. Bush Points of Light award, the 2015 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy by The Association of Fundraising Professionals, the 2015 Emerging Philanthropist by Philanthropy Ohio, an Everyday Hero by the United Way, the Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service, among countless others.

I’ll give you one of his most acclaimed activities. Connor befriended The Joseph House of Cincinnati, a homeless veterans shelter, and put together a 5K event that raised over $10,000. His special guest was NFL Hall of Fame legend Anthony Munoz. This singular event led two other like-minded foundations to seek his consultation. Having Anthony Munoz pose for 200+ pictures at your event is special. The best part for him was shaking hands with the 22 veterans who call The Joseph House home. They were put into volunteer roles and Connor was humbled to spend time with them.

Connor organized, hired, found volunteers, got bagpipes, two police cars, a ladder truck, awards, t-shirts, food, banners, and had all participants walk 1/4 mile in a parade led by the bells and whistles present. He was the one who initiated the inclusiveness of The Joseph House and his guest Anthony Munoz presented the awards.

‘My GI’ is growing faster than can be managed by two people. His philanthropy is personal, and that is why he drove an hour to visit with Mr. Joe Witt, the only enlisted survivor from the attack at Pearl Harbor. Connor presented him a meritorious award for earning 17 battle stars while in the Navy.

Connor has raised tens of thousands of dollars for his veterans and those efforts continues as I type this now.

Learn more about The My GI Foundation: www.mygivets.com

– Barbara



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