North Carolina | A Fighter’s Spirit



The photo attached is of my brother in law, Chris taken yesterday when he arrived for his first appointment at Duke Cancer Center. He and my sister drove from Virginia to this facility for second opinions and treatment plans. Their doctor at Duke told them Chris is the youngest person he has seen with Stage IV rectal cancer. Since being diagnosed in January, he has shown such a fighter spirit against this shocking and life changing news. He never tries to deny that there are bad days, moments of anger and frustration, but he clings to his faith and chooses joy as best he can. He inspires all his family and friends, as well as his two young sons. He and my sister organized fundraising efforts for a local 5k colorectal cancer walk/run, where they not only got a team together, but won an award for the most funds raised…approximately $4,000.

In the midst of potentially upsetting news yesterday at Duke, he proudly posed for this picture, wearing a Life is Good shirt in front of a cancer institute…a place where far too often people face their toughest roads. I’m so proud of him and his attitude during his cancer battle. His testimony is reaching countless individuals and inspiring them to get medical screenings, all while facing this tough time with strength and dignity.




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