New York | Cookies for Kindness



My daughter Renee is my hero of optimism. She lives in NYC and every week for the last 3 years she has baked homemade cookies and given them away to someone in need of kindness. She is hoping to change the world with kindness, one cookie at a time. She started her cookie initiative to get to know her neighbors, just as she had in rural upstate New York where she grew up. She asks for no money and funds this baking from her own slim earnings. You can check out her story by googling “Single Girl Cookies”(Astoria Baker).

Besides sharing her kindness with cookies Renee is a classically trained opera singer who teaches voice lessons at Turtle Bay Music School. Her optimism and beautiful soul again shines through as she teaches and nurtures her voices students (children and adults) with her joy and passion for helping people love music. I am inspired by her kindness and her giving spirit. She has hopes that her kindness can change the world one person, one cookie at a time, one student at a time. She is my hero!