New Mexico | Resilience and Compassion Betray Her Age


Picture of Devin

My hero of optimism is my teenager as crazy as that sounds to parents across the globe. I got epilepsy just as she began driver’s ed and so right when she got her independence I became pretty independent on her. At a time when many of her peers are melancholy anyway and any setback can be a crushing defeat, Devin has been an inspiration to me to stay positive. For three years we have struggled with health, money and everything that comes with those two whoppers and through all of that she has continued to work hard at high school, college and even two jobs at times. She is amazing.

The best part about my hero is that her optimism is so young and brave. She wants to change things and I think she will. She certainly has for me already and she has big plans for her future that include all of us. She thinks positive, she thinks big and she acts. She just turned eighteen and I can’t wait to see what she does with adulthood.





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