New Hampshire | Look for It, and You Will See It



My Great Aunt Francis– She was well in her 90s when I was 10 years old.  She lived with her sister, Edith, as she had her entire life.  She had devoted her life to care taking her sister who was older and born deaf.  In the 1800s, when both were born, being deaf was seen as an obstacle never to be overcome and to be hidden in shame.  Francis cared for Edith throughout her childhood (when Edith was forced to hide in the barn away from visitors out of shame), into adulthood (when Edith was unable to work or get an education due to her “disability”), and into old age.  My Great Aunt Francis told me one day, “When you listen to the news, you’ll hear a lot about the problems of the world.  It can be easy to be scared.  But always, always, always look around for the good in the world.  There is so much good in this world.  Look for it, and you will see it.”  Rest in peace, Aunt Francis.  Your words are with me every day.

– Martha

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