New Hampshire | Fully Loaded with a Positive Attitude



Noelle Lambert is one my daughter’s best friends. They have known each other since pre-school. All through elementary, middle and high school, Noelle has been a standout, distinguished athlete. She played 3 varsity sports at Londonderry High School and went on to join the U-Mass Lowell Riverhawk Women’s Lacrosse team in the Fall of 2015. This is an up and coming and developing NCAA Division I team and Noelle received accolades as an outstanding rookie player. Noelle is known for her tenacity and determination on the field. She is also a tender hearted friend to so many. She has always been there for my daughter and for so many of her friends. She has a beautiful and engaging smile.

This past Saturday Noelle and a teammate of hers were in a horrific moped accident on Martha’s Vineyard. Both young ladies sustained serious injuries. Tragically, Noelle lost her left leg above the knee. She was airlifted to Boston Medical Center and after undergoing two surgeries this week, has been transferred to a Boston area rehab facility.

Now, EVERYONE would completely understand if Noelle felt like her life was over because of this injury. You would expect her to feel like her life would never be fulfilling. You would expect her to be angry at the world, bitter and full of self-pity.  Not this young woman.

Within in 2 days of her first surgery on Saturday afternoon she was accepting visitor after visitor in the ICU, surrounded by friends and family, fully loaded with a positive attitude. Friends and family grappling with her loss would emerge from her room feeling uplifted. She was helping us cope with her challenge. She also told her coach that she intends to return to the lacrosse field. This statement came after traumatically losing her leg just days ago.


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