Nevada | Take Pride in Giving Back to Communities

57d35b6385a53-imageStill the Wild West, a deal is made on a handshake, your neighbors welcome you when you’re new, there’s miles of untamed wilderness and you can find years of history in the heart of our state. As rugged and rough as our desert can be, the people are just the opposite. We have generations of families who take pride in giving back to the communities they grew up in and organizations that bring all those families together. One the oldest and most generous is the Reno Rodeo and its Foundation. For almost 100 years we have grown the rodeo into what it is now to serve our community all year long, giving back to children in need. Anyone can join this organization and volunteer with a ‘family’ of people that strive to serve a bigger purpose and help our community become a better place and inspire children to be passionate about doing the same for years to come.

Starting them young! I love getting to work with kids in our communities, be a mentor, lead by example and show them how to give back and inspire others to do the same. Pay it forward!




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