Nebraska | A Beautiful Getaway for Families

57d5c2b092d4c-IMG_0805I love the state of Nebraska for the explicit goodness that grows here.  Nebraska is noted for many great reasons to live here.  Two of my favorites would be living in a state where farming flourishes and the family continues to work and raise families in this most wholesome way.  Also, in the southeast portion of this great state we have the Home of Arbor Day in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  J. Sterling Morton created a homestead in what is now known as Arbor Lodge State Park.  His love for nature and his fervor for planting trees still lives on in this great community.  Omaha, Nebraska is also known as being the 3rd safest and best city to live and raise a family.  Many other noteworthy places exist in Nebraska such as Valentine, Nebraska and the Niobrara river that provides a beautiful getaway for families to enjoy canoeing and camping.  And then there is Lake McConaughy which also provides a great family destination for fishing, swimming and camping.  Life IS good in Nebraska.

– Sharon



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