Missouri | She is My Rock


My sister inspires me every single day to focus on what matters most to me and to focus on the good things in life. Her name also reminds me to focus on the present and to enjoy every moment of life, even the not so good ones. Her name is Journey. Everyday she wakes up with a beautiful smile and happy spirit. When you are with her you just can’t help but feel happy. Journey always reminds me of all the great things in life when I am feeling down or when I am focusing on the negative side of life.

Whenever we are stressed out or anxious, we say the word lighthouse. We say lighthouse to each other to remind us to focus on the good and to get in to a positive state of mind, because, like a lighthouse you can shine your light on any part of life. She reminds me to shine my light on the good of life. Journey never fails to make someone laugh and smile. That is what I love most about her. She is my rock, she will also be there to remind me how much love and good there is. She always says that life is a journey of good and bad moments, and in the bad moments you can either decide to be sad or you can decide to focus on the good. Journey inspires every one she knows to focus on the awesome side of life. Really you decide what state of mind you are in. Journey reminds me to be in a positive state of mind every day and to give all the love I can. Journey never fails to look at the good.




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