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A hero or heroine may be defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. As seen in many movies and cartoons, heroes and heroines are usually saving the world by using fictional skills and abilities. One person that I consider my heroine is my mother, Sheryl. Despite the fact that my mother does not possess heroine skills like that displayed in the media, I consider her my heroine because of her personality and her contribution to my personal growth throughout life.

Being a mother is not an easy task, as a mother’s job is never finish. Her responsibilities does not fit the requirements as that of a part-time job neither can it be classified as a full time job as full time jobs are not always permanent. A mother’s job is very crucial and everlasting as she is expected to not only carry a child within her for nine months, but to also provide for that child after he or she is born. A mother is expected to wash, iron, clean, teach, cook, mentor, scold and so much more.

810_57a41edd61fde-StephaniesHeroine-SherylRhodenSheryl, a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica, was born on April 1st to Herbert Carroll and Hazelyn Williams. Sheryl grew up without the presence of a mother, who abandoned her and her brothers to start another family elsewhere. Being the only female in her household, Sheryl had no older female or motherly figure to ask female related questions while growing up. She had no motherly guidance to prepare her for adulthood. She was left to figure out everything on her own as her father tried his best to be both a mother and father in one.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “all that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.” From this quote, I am honored to say the independent young lady I am today is a product of my mother’s hard work. My mother has been my backbone, my biggest advocate, my mentor, and a great co-captain of my life from the day I was born. She has done all that she could to ensure that I was not only a successful young lady, but that I would possess the traits of being independent and respectful, as well as strong minded to overcome hurdles that I may face as an adolescent.

Under my mother’s guidance, I have gained love and respect with just about everyone I interacted with which plays into the many academic and athletic accolades I have gained throughout my high school and college progression. Few of my honors and awards consist of being a member of the Math and Environmental Science Academy (MESA) summer research program in the Virgin Islands, where I started as a researcher for four years then progressed as a teacher’s assistant for a year. I was also a member of the National Honors Society, member of the National Society of High School Scholars, Intel-ISEF Finalist (2010, California), gained first place recognition in 2012 Agricultural Essay Competition, and also had my art work posted at The Whim Museum and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport.

As I went on to complete my undergraduate studies, I accumulated more awards and honors such as: the Presidential Trophy for Academic Excellence for three consecutive years, SIAC Academic Awards for 4 consecutive years, SIAC Track & Field 400m champion for 2 consecutive years, member of the SIAC Cross Country Championship team 2 consecutive years, Running Tiger Award for two consecutive years, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science.

All my accomplishments were because of my mother’s drive for my success. She wanted the best for me and I could not have done it if it was not for her. Nothing in this world can be compared to a mother’s love, sweat, and tears that she puts into her child. Mothers are not only mothers to their biological child or children, but serve as mothers to their peers and other younger individuals. I am truly thankful to have a mom like my own. She has gone over and beyond to provide for myself, our family, and her peers, despite how hard it was for her growing up. She used the hardship and struggles she faced to help her make better decisions in my life and my overall growth. My mother, Sheryl, is my heroine for optimism.

– Stephanie


My hero of optimism is my girlfriend’s mother, Sheryl. She is the only person that I have met outside of my family that has treated me as if I was her son. My biological mother past away about 17 years ago and it was only until I met Sheryl that I was able to mend those broken pieces. I have only known her for four years, and she has showered me with the motherly presence I longed for.

Growing up, I did not have my mother to talk to, to hug, to share all my accomplishments, nor to hear her say, Son, I am proud of you. This was depressing at times, but Sheryl managed to change my views and I am truly grateful for her. She has always influenced me to see the good in others, to do well, and to always treat others good despite how they might treat me in return. She inspires me to grow and to be successful.

Sheryl deserves to be highlighted for her tremendous help and effort as a mother figure to many. She has helped gang related students to stop the violence in the Virgin Islands and she has helped other peers and elders to continue striving for excellence.

Sheryl is my hero and the mother figure that was missing throughout my life.

– Geovanni


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