Michigan | Gotta Reach Them to Teach Them


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Janet S. has been a hero for the past 21 years to the students in Roseville Community Schools.  She has given more than just educational lessons.  She has given more love to these needy children than anyone else I know.  Janet also has a special place in her heart for the special needs children. Her special fondness are for those who are autistic.  After 3 years with the autistic children, they learn not only educationally, but also how to bond and show affection to teachers and their classmates.

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She brings learning to life for all students by teaching outside the box.  She sings and dances for the students too, in order for them to learn different concepts.  Her motto is “Gotta reach them to teach them!” Janet is a positive soul who believes in each and every student she encounters.

– Carrie



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