Massachusetts | “Do More” and “Be More”

The person I would like to share with you inspires many….she is my role model, my mentor, and I am fortunate to call her my friend. Suzanne Carter is one of the most selfless women I have ever met.

Suzanne took her mothers inheritance and started a non-profit called Flower Angels USA. While visiting her mother in a nursing home she realized that few others received visitors. Suzanne would wheel her mother around and deliver treats to the other residents/patients.

Today she delivers hundreds of bouquets of love to Cape Cod Nursing Home and hospice patients from Provincetown to Bourne with the help of 80 volunteers who are inspired by her lead. Suzanne works tirelessly for the forgotten lonely patients to brighten their day. Her optimism is contagious and encourages others to “do more” and “be more” That is why I started painting rocks and dropping the around Cape Cod inspiring Kindness to others. (The Kindness Rocks Project) I was so inspired by her kindness that I was urges to join and try to emulate my hero, Suzanne Carter. Please honor her for her courage, tireless efforts and attention to honoring our seniors. She is amazing!

– Megan



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