Malcolm Mitchell | Hero of Optimism

Reading and books helped him to reach his full potential.


Today, Malcolm Michell is a professional football player for the New England Patriots, and his success on the field is equality matched by his mission off the field. During his freshman year in college, Malcolm quickly realized that his reading skills were not the same as those around him. He began to tackle this challenge with the same work ethic that had made him into a successful wide receiver. Reading and books helped him to reach his full potential.

Malcolm graduated in December of 2015 with a Degree in Communications and that same year, Malcolm authored and published a children’s book, “The Magician’s Hat.” Along with publishing his book, he started Read with Malcolm, a youth literacy initiative with the mission to transform the lives of young students through literacy. The organization’s goals are to introduce book ownership to students in households where reading is not a priority and to improve literacy in schools with below grade-level reading skills.

Learn more about Read with Malcolm here.